Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mix rule # 1

My number one mixing goal....stay in control. Knowing how to eq compress and shape a mix is all dependent on keeping control of the signals that are combining. This is the foundation of a good mix. If your signals are out of control you will spend your time chasing the "mix" and no time to artisticlly shape the sound.

Here's how I was taught. First learn what a decibel is as it relates to electronics and acoustics. Now according to the voltages of an audio signal in a mixing console the use of a simple formula can aid in setting signal levels to keep things under control. Here's the formula.

For every doubling of channels used back each channel down by 3 decibels. That's it. Memorize it. You will use it every time you mix.

So to put it into practice here's how it works. If I have two singers singing a duet I would tell the first singer to sing and with the master fader on 0 and the channel fader on 0 I will use the trim/gain knob to set the level on the meter to -3. I'll do the same with the second singer. Now when they both sing the channel voltages will combine and sum back up to 0 on the board. Now let's double the channels to 4 channels being used. 2 singers a keyboard and guitar. Go through the same process of setting up the channels one at a time. Each channel should be set to what? Minus 6 db. Now when they all play and sing together the output sum will be 0. Double it to 8 and each channel should be set up to minis 9. 16 channels being used should be set up to minus 12 etc. etc.

Remember this is to get you started. If you change the eq it will change the level of the whole channel. Keep that in mind.  There are other factors that need to be taken into concideration like how we perceive sound. I'll get into that in another blog.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday coolant

Well last week my daughters car blew a radiator so today was radiator swap day. I really got lucky because it was a pretty easy task. I did find out after starting that the transmission fluid ran through the lower end but two clamps and that was done. Oh there was a lot of liquid. The new radiator was exactly like the old one so that was easy. I even found an extra screw that was missing from the top of the engine.

I'll be heading to work tomorrow. I have great thoughts from yesterday and the tech team we have going on Sunday's. We have a great tech team. I am blessed because of them. I also have to send off two lights we need fixed. They weigh a ton so shipping will be up there and I feel for the UPS store people that have to box the thing up.

Got out on the bike a little today. Even took my daughter out for a short ride. I need a bigger bike. It will be awhile before that happens. Have a good week.

I'm out.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blogging Beginner

Well a friend showed me his blog and people are actually reading it.  I thought it might be good for me to start writing. It is a weakness of mine and really don't like it too much. So, maybe this will get me started on something challenging!

First, my background. I had a great job with a great television station for 18 years as a news photographer and editor. Just a side note. A News photographer do not like to be called "cameraman". We always equated a cameraman as someone who had a head set on and a director would tell him or her what shot to get... zoom in....pan left....truck right etc. As a news photographer we are the producer/director as we are gathering the video for a story. So I like photographer. It has a particular meaning. I'm still not comfortable with "videographer".

I have covered many stories and most centered around the state capitol of Virginia as I was a bureau photog for 15 years. Political stories were the norm for me. It may sound boring but as news goes we centered on the more contriversial issues. It was nice to get out and cover other things. I did cover Washington on occasion and have interview several presidents and historical figures like Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks are some of the biggies. Another story I enjoyed were Hurricanes.

I'll share more later. Oh, now I work at a fabulous church. So, how did I get here? More on that later.