Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday coolant

Well last week my daughters car blew a radiator so today was radiator swap day. I really got lucky because it was a pretty easy task. I did find out after starting that the transmission fluid ran through the lower end but two clamps and that was done. Oh there was a lot of liquid. The new radiator was exactly like the old one so that was easy. I even found an extra screw that was missing from the top of the engine.

I'll be heading to work tomorrow. I have great thoughts from yesterday and the tech team we have going on Sunday's. We have a great tech team. I am blessed because of them. I also have to send off two lights we need fixed. They weigh a ton so shipping will be up there and I feel for the UPS store people that have to box the thing up.

Got out on the bike a little today. Even took my daughter out for a short ride. I need a bigger bike. It will be awhile before that happens. Have a good week.

I'm out.

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