Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blogging Beginner

Well a friend showed me his blog and people are actually reading it.  I thought it might be good for me to start writing. It is a weakness of mine and really don't like it too much. So, maybe this will get me started on something challenging!

First, my background. I had a great job with a great television station for 18 years as a news photographer and editor. Just a side note. A News photographer do not like to be called "cameraman". We always equated a cameraman as someone who had a head set on and a director would tell him or her what shot to get... zoom in....pan left....truck right etc. As a news photographer we are the producer/director as we are gathering the video for a story. So I like photographer. It has a particular meaning. I'm still not comfortable with "videographer".

I have covered many stories and most centered around the state capitol of Virginia as I was a bureau photog for 15 years. Political stories were the norm for me. It may sound boring but as news goes we centered on the more contriversial issues. It was nice to get out and cover other things. I did cover Washington on occasion and have interview several presidents and historical figures like Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks are some of the biggies. Another story I enjoyed were Hurricanes.

I'll share more later. Oh, now I work at a fabulous church. So, how did I get here? More on that later.


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